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Laser Hair Removal Can Change your Life

Sick of shaving? Have unruly hair that you can’t keep away? Never schedule a waxing appointment again and schedule your Laser Hair Removal Treatment today! Read below to see our take on this amazing procedure!

Laser Hair Removal - LLVC


Let’s Compare Your Options:


Lifetime Cost

First Year: $300

After 10 Years: $3,000

After 20 Years

Time Spent

First Year: 67 Hours

After 10 Years: 27 Days

After 20 Years: 54 Days


Lifetime Cost

First Year: $650

After 10 Years: $6,630

After 10 Years: $13,260

Time Spent

First Year: 6-7 Hours

After 10 Years: 2-3 Days

After 10 Years:  4-5 Days

Laser Hair Removal

Lifetime Cost

First Year: $3,600

After 10 Years: $3,600

After 20 Years: $3600.

Time Spent

First Year: 6-10 Hours

After 10 Years: No Additional

After 10 Years: No Additional

Fun Fact

Throughout a woman’s life, she can use over 400,000 gallons of water while shaving

Additional Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

  • The treatment is safe, quick, and typically with little pain
  • The Procedure is effective in removing hair from large areas
  • It actually works! Most people experience Permanent hair reduction

Contact us today for more information on laser hair treatment and to schedule your first consultation!




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