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Join FDRS in Recognizing Rare Disease Week

Join us in recognizing and discussing the rare fat disorders that millions of Americans suffer from each year. The Fat Disorders Resource Center, or FDRS, gets together every year for the Focus on Fat Disorders convention that invites fat disorder experts for several days of conferences. Even if you cannot personally attend the convention, you can help out by recognizing the importance of furthering our understanding of rare diseases such as lipedema. We recommend all of our followers help support each other by recognizing Rare Disease Week every year. You can do so from the comfort of your home or by taking part in this year’s convention in April. Take a look at what you can learn from participating in this year’s convention:


We have provided numerous forms of expert opinion about lipedema but FDRS discusses this chronic disease firsthand. Lipedema, as you may be aware, impacts mostly females and is characterized by bilateral and symmetrical subcutaneous fat tissue. The fat tissue develops primarily around the hip and lower leg areas. The impacted areas will swell to a significantly larger size and only worsen when the patient is standing. Discussions at the Fat Disorders Resource Center conference will include the etiology or cause of lipedema, its symptoms, stages of lipedema, and differentiation.

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The symptoms and presentation of lipedema are different for everyone. One of the most important aspects of finding out you have lipedema is by understanding its stages of development. While your skin may start out smooth, you will develop swelling, skin indentations, and large masses of subcutaneous fat tissue. By participating in Rare Disease Week, you can learn more about how these stages may be seen specifically for you. Additionally, you can find out more information on the forms of treatment you have available to you. Most physicians will recommend more conservative treatment options like diet and exercise and wearing compression garments. This first step in treatment is ideal for those who are looking to reduce the symptoms of lipedema. When you are ready to eliminate some of the subcutaneous fat tissue, you may be a good candidate for liposuction. This is the only way to permanently remove fat tissue from the body. Only a certain amount of fat tissue can be safely removed, and it is not a cure for lipedema.

If you have been diagnosed with lipedema, you are probably aware of the difficulty of living with its symptoms and finding relief on a daily basis. Join the millions of individuals impacted by lipedema by helping the Fat Disorders Resource Center in recognizing this year’s Rare Disease Week. You will realize you are not alone in the long fight against lipedema.

Dercum’s Disease

Perhaps a less known disease when compared to lipedema is Dercum’s Disease. This rare disease is characterized by multiple painful growths of fatty tissue called lipomas. When these lipomas form nearby your nerves, it can cause unbearable pain. Similar to lipedema, Dercum’s Disease impacts women more than men and is typically found in adults. The lipomas are formed with subcutaneous fat tissue, making it very similar to lipedema. Individuals with lipedema can see the similarities between it and Dercum’s Disease. Individuals with Dercum’s Disease also struggle every day and need support to fully understand its symptoms.

Additional symptoms of Dercum’s Disease can be more profound than lipedema. These symptoms include expressive language deficits, memory deficits, vascular bruising, gastro-intestinal difficulties like IBS, and more. Your symptoms may express differently than other individuals with Dercum’s Disease. Similar to lipedema, it can be difficult to find the right physician who can properly diagnose you. This is what makes visiting the Fat Disorders Resource Center even more. The on-hand physicians and research experts will discuss with the audience the diagnostic criteria and treatment needed to live with Dercum’s Disease. Visiting this type of conference and recognizing Rare Disease Week will help you establish the support network you need.

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Fat Disorders Resource Center 2020: Focus on Fat Disorders

This year’s Fat Disorders Resource Center will be taking place on the weekend of April 17th through 20th in Cleveland. Expect to find three separate days of break sessions for patients and clinicians. The 2020 conference includes a keynote address by Karen Herbst, PhD, MD who is a top physician in the field. General sessions include improving sleep and nutrition, liposuction panels, living with lipedema and Dercum’s Disease, and so much more. Contact the Fat Disorders Resource Center directly to answer any questions you may have. Find out that you are not alone in your fight against lipedema and Dercum’s Disease by recognizing this year’s Rare Disease Week with the Laser Lipo and Vein Center.

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