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How Liposuction Can Benefit Different Areas of the Body

Even when we work hard to stay fit, some individuals may find it nearly impossible to achieve the body size they want. Fat tissue builds up differently for everyone, and some fat tissue, such as the subcutaneous fat tissue found in lipedema, is highly resistant to standard diet and exercise. If you are feeling the impact of fat on your body without seeing the results you want, it may be time to consider liposuction. This advanced procedure uses new techniques to make sure your body can heal quickly and provide the results you want. Many individuals think liposuction is just used for the stomach region, but it can in fact help you across many areas of the body.


Perhaps the most commonly treated area for liposuction is the stomach area. It is extremely difficult to get rid of fat tissue in this area, even with the strictest diet and exercise. As mentioned, some individuals will not see a difference no matter how hard they try. We utilize tumescent liposuction as a safe and effective treatment option. This type of liposuction procedure only requires small incisions made in the treated area, where we remove pockets of fat tissue through a cannula via suction. Removing fat tissue this way allows us to keep our patients awake and comfortable as we use anesthesia.

Using tumescent liposuction on your stomach can help you slim down and contour your overall appearance. When we gain weight, it will be disproportionate in the stomach area. Liposuction can help you permanently get rid of the pockets of fat tissue and help you keep off any future buildups. Liposuction around the waist is particularly useful for individuals looking to join the armed forces. The United States military has a military tape test that requires your waistline to be within certain parameters. Achieving this waist can be impossible for some individuals. Liposuction will help you achieve your dream of joining the military.

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Another area that can be very noticeable whenever there is a fat tissue buildup is around the hips. Excess fat tissue in this area can interfere with having a proportionate contour of the body. Similar to the abdomen, it can also be difficult to get rid of through typical diet and exercise regimens. Tumescent liposuction is also used for this area; we can remove separate areas of fat tissue at once. You can see even more results when you choose to have liposuction around the buttocks, making your entire hip area appear proportionate. Liposuction around the hips is a common procedure for those dealing with lipedema. Subcutaneous fat tissue is known to build up in this area in greater volume than in other portions of the body.


Another area that is frequently impacted by those with lipedema is the thigh region. Our thighs can come in a variety of sizes but if your thighs are significantly larger and out of proportion, it will be much more noticeable. Fat tissue builds up on the inside of your legs and on the front area of your thigh. Liposuction on your thighs can help get rid of this fat build-up and make it easier to walk and run. Best of all you can fit better in your pants and even get rid of unwanted chafing.

Thigh liposuction starts off with a small injection of local anesthesia to numb the area and epinephrine to contract your blood vessels. This makes the procedure extremely safe and minimizes any possible risks. Patients stay awake similar to our other liposuction procedures and is completed in a relatively short amount of time. Our physicians will make sure your thighs have symmetry making sure you enjoy the way you look following the procedure.

Knees and Ankles

Some areas that are often not thought of when it comes to liposuction are the knees and ankles. Having a buildup of fat tissue in these areas can make your legs have a trunk-like appearance that is often frequent with liposuction. Help achieve a more natural look for your legs with liposuction. This will allow your technician to sculpt and smooth out your legs to have the natural look you want. We once again use tumescent liposuction to remove pockets of fat tissue from the area. You may be prescribed compression stockings to wear for a quicker recovery time. Patients of knee and ankle liposuction have reported feeling greater flexibility in these joints making it easier to move around.

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Now is Time to Benefit Different Areas of the Body with Liposuction

As you can see, liposuction is able to help you get rid of unwanted fat tissue in multiple areas of the body. All it takes is to schedule your no-obligation consultation and see if our liposuction procedures are right for you. Through a tailored treatment plan based on your needs, you can see all the benefits liposuction has to offer. Contact us today!