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Get Beach Ready Legs with Permanent Laser Hair Removal

One of the first things someone will notice when you are wearing your new swimming suit to the beach is your legs and whether they are clear of hair or not. The time spent shaving can be spent elsewhere when you choose to get permanent laser hair removal. Our treatments will have you ready just in time for summer.

State-of-the-Art Procedure

While other cosmetic technicians may use painful laser hair removal treatments, you will not find those with us. We are proud to use the Diolaze system that provides a quick and comfortable experience for our patients. In fact, most of our patients experience a relaxing sensation that is used back and forth across their legs. Our laser hair removal technology targets your hair follicles to permanently get rid of unwanted hair right before summer is upon us.

The Ideal Patient

While other cosmetic providers may require patients to have lighter skin tones with darker hair follicles, we will not. The Diolaze is incredibly accurate to differentiate between hair follicles and dark skin pigmentation, so you can remain worry free. Even those who have recently received a tan can undergo laser hair removal.

Design Your Laser Hair Removal

The wants and needs of our patients will always differ. Some may want a full five-treatment session that is recommended for full hair loss, while others just want an individual treatment for touchup. We offer a selection of treatment packages to help you save when bundling multiple treatment sessions.

Multiple Treatments are Needed

As mentioned, we recommend five full treatments in order to achieve complete hair loss on your legs. Each session targets the current hair growing in on your legs, with the third treatment finally able to target dormant hair follicles. Our patients will experience the most results after this session, with one or two sessions needed after that to complete the experience.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

In addition to having quick and pain-free treatments, our patients experience a range of benefits from laser hair removal. Once you achieve permanent hair loss you can save thousands of dollars on the cost of razors over time. You can even schedule your appointment for a quick lunch break and easily return to work afterwards.

Your Laser Hair Removal Center

Get your legs ready for summer by choosing the Laser Lipo & Vein Center for your laser hair removal needs. Our staff is professionally trained to provide you the best laser hair removal experience possible. Simply give us a call and schedule your free consultation to see how easy it is to get laser hair removal for summer-ready legs.