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Genetic Test for Diagnosing Lipedema

Genetic Test for Diagnosing Lipedema

Lipedema is one of those conditions that has been a struggle to develop a genetic test for diagnosing possible patients. Fortunately, in a recent research study published in Lipedema Foundation titled “Tissue Sodium Content is Elevated in the Skin and Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Women with Lipedema,” Dr. Rachelle Crescenzi is one step closer to having that exact test. Here are the incredible results that Dr. Rachelle Crescenzi and her fellow researchers have found in this newly published study.

Contents of the Study

Dr. Crescenzi’s journal publication asks if novel-based magnetic resonance imaging or MRI assay might be different in women who have been diagnosed with lipedema already. The control group in the study found just that, as the participants with lipedema were found to have higher levels of sodium than those who were not diagnosed with lipedema. These specific results can indicate that women with lipedema generally have higher levels of sodium and make it easier to develop a specific genetic test. While these results are exactly what researchers have been looking for, they cannot be used alone to start creating these much-needed genetic tests for lipedema diagnosis.

Future Implications for Diagnosing Lipema

The results achieved in the research study will continued to be analyzed, with further work determining what is causing these elevated levels of sodium in the skin and fat and if they can be used in differentially diagnosing lipedema. Current testing is made difficult due to differentiating lipedema from obesity with levels varying between patients. Dr. Crescenzi’s research is allowing us to be one step further to developing a genetic test to make diagnosing lipedema as quickly and efficiently as possible for future patients.

About the Author

Dr. Rachelle Crescenzi is a recipient of the 2015 FDRS/LERN postdoctoral fellowship. Her excellent work with fellow researchers Dr. Jens Titze and Dr. Manus Donahue has been rewarded with the 2017 Collaborative Research Award that will allow them to continue this invaluable research to further lipedema diagnosis.

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