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Foods to Avoid Eating After Your St Louis Liposuction

If you have received cosmetic treatments in the past, you have probably been told to avoid eating right up until your procedure begins. However, the same thing can be said after particular treatments have been completed, like liposuction. Of course, you need to eat but there are particular foods that are best avoided right after your procedure and during your recovery period. Here are the foods to avoid after liposuction:

Fatty Foods to Avoid

Avoiding meals that are high in saturated fat is recommended for patients immediately after their liposuction procedure. These kinds of foods typically include most fast food and fried foods. It is also recommended to avoid processed foods due to the high amounts of unhealthy trans-fat. Keep your diet as healthy as possible and make sure to include plenty of fruits and vegetables along with lean protein.

High Sodium Foods

Another type of food that is recommended to be avoided during the recovery period after liposuction is salty foods. Snacks that are high in sodium can cause inflammation that results in a slower healing process. Limit these snacks as best as possible and try using spices to flavor your meals instead.

Sugary Foods

Putting in the time and effort to prepare your body for St Louis liposuction can be a long process,so do not throw everything away by indulging in sugary foods right after your procedure. These kinds of foods do not provide any necessary nutrients and vitamins that your body will be needing during recovery. Foods that are high in sugar can also cause weight gain since your body will need to rest and avoid any strenuous exercise.

Alcoholic Beverages

Last but not least, it is extremely important to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages during your immediate liposuction recovery. At least 24 hours is recommended before you can consume any alcoholic beverages and can be longer if you are prescribed medication. Certain medication can cause adverse effects with alcohol so it is best to avoid it altogether. Instead, have plenty of water and teas to help keep your body hydrated.

Anti-Inflammatory Medications & Aspirin

After your liposuction procedure,make sure to avoid any anti-inflammatory medication and pain relievers without first consulting your liposuction technician.Additional medication can adversely interact with any medication you may have been prescribed or that is currently still in your system.

St Louis Liposuction Help from the Laser Lipo & Vein Center

If you are considering the benefits of liposuction or looking for help on how to get through your recovery period,make sure to contact the Laser Lipo & Vein Center. Our professional staff will help you along every step of the way. Call for your no-obligation consultation today and see how liposuction can help you look your best yet.