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FDA Breast Implant Warnings

Over the years, concerns have been brought forward regarding breast implants and the safety hazards they pose to patients. Research has shown a common trend among these complaints with a particular kind of breast implant. Now, the FDA breast implant warnings are proposed for all breast implants regardless of the type.

FDA Breast Implant Warnings

The Food and Drug Administration continues to receive reported risks associated for all breast implants. Recently, they have proposed a boxed warning for all breast implants be included for rare cancers, additional surgeries that may be required, and other symptoms. Additional concerns also include the association breast implants have with lymphoma, joint pain, muscle aches, and fatigue. This type of warning is considered to be one of the strictest cautions the FDA can provide. However, not everyone is sold that this warning is enough.

Why It Matters

Breast implants have been used ever since the 1960s. While initial concerns were warranted, the recent concerns brought before the FDA are in regard to Allergan textured implants. These implants have a history of potential issues and are now being generalized with all implants on the market. Relating these concerns with all implants will directly impact the potential options women will have. The FDA has received 573 cases of a rare form of cancer since 2011, with 33 of these cases resulting in death.

Starting the Conversation

Additional recommendations brought forth by the FDA include a guided conversation for physicians to have with their patients. This recommendation is helpful and can encourage cosmetic surgeons and potential patients continue to have constructive conversations on expectations and possible side effects. These conversations should be happening regardless to help the community understand the nature of cosmetic operations and all the options they have.

Possibilities to Your Breast Implants

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