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Fat Transfer to Face vs. Facial Fillers


Not every facial treatment is the same, with each different procedure targeting a specific area and the treatments and recovery times differing as well. When choosing these varying treatments you should pick one that provides you with the most benefits that you are looking for. Two of most popular treatments currently available to improve the look of wrinkles are the fat transfer to face and facial filler procedures.

Fat Transfer to Face Benefits

Fat transfer surgeries such as the fat transfer to face treatment are an effective way to obtain a younger look. This procedure commonly addresses the effects of aging skin, such as crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles, worry lines, sunken cheeks, and other tired-looking facial features. A fat transfer to face procedure uses liposuction to remove fat tissue from areas of the body where there is a common surplus and inject it into the face. These fat tissues are injected into areas of the face experiencing lost volume to give you that youthful look you have been wanting.

Fat is the ideal filler for your body. It is completely natural.  Facial Fat is what give younger faces their youthful look and it the loss of facial fat that has the biggest affect on facial aging.  The fat that transfered is a rich source of stem cells[ stem cells can divide and become any cell the body needs ] and the fat contains the bodies most potent growth factors.  The areas where the fat is transfered to are not only are plumper but also more radient because  the transfered fat also stimulates increase blood flow.

While fat transfers have immediate results, you will not see the final look until a few weeks after the swelling has subsided. Typically, these results are better than those seen with facial fillers and last indefinitely. However, patients will typically need a day or two to rest following the procedure. As with any liposuction procedure, an incision must be made, though in fat transfers, it usually can be miniscule. More than one treatment may be needed, but this is rare, and only if the results you are looking for are not achieved during your initial procedure.

Face Fillers Benefits

Another common treatment that helps patients attain a more youthful look is the use of face fillers, such as dermal fillers. Fillers such as Botox relax the muscles that often produce frowns and other wrinkles. Other injections, such as Restylane, help restore lost volume in the face by raising levels of HLA (hyaluronic acid). These fillers are a noninvasive procedure and do not require surgery. The procedures are often very quick, with patients typically able to return to their daily routine after it’s over.

One downside of facial fillers when compared to fat transfer to face procedures is the longevity. Fillers often need to be given every couple of months to continue seeing benefits. With additional treatments also comes additional costs over time. The length of results varies with the filler used; some fillers last several months—even up to two years.

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