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Which Look is Preferable with Breast Augmentation: Fake or Natural?

Which Look is Preferable with Breast Augmentation: Fake or Natural?

Pamela_Anderson_2_fake bustline look Scarlett Johansson Nautral Bustline

Pamela Anderson has a fake looking bustline, with the top half of the breast having 50% of the tissue giving the overall roundness instead of tear drop shape. Scarlet Johanson has a natural tear drop shape to her bustline with 45% breast tissue in the top half and 55% of breast tissue in the bottom half.

There have been many studies and plenty of research performed about the “ideal breast”. It appears that it is an almost individual opinion as to the “perfect” look to the breasts. For instance, there is really no consensus about the ideal breast size. Interestingly, most men tend to overestimate the size they find desirable. This may be due to Western society promoting larger breast sizes as being more “attractive.” However, overall attractiveness has been overwhelmingly attributed to the balance between the size of the bust and the hips, with a thin waist – the hourglass figure.

A tear drop shape is most commonly the preferred breast shape. Proportion also is very important with the preferred shape of the breast. According to a recent study in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1,315 respondents were surveyed. The most attractive shape breast had 45% of the breast tissue above the nipple and 55% below the nipple. This 45:55 ratio was preferred by 87% women, 90% of men and 94% of plastic surgeons.

Recent studies have also indicated that many women undergoing breast augmentation are choosing smaller size increases than they have been seen in the past. Some celebrity figures have even chosen to reduce implant sizes or have then completely removed.

An Increase in the Popularity of the “Fake” Look

On the other end of the spectrum we have also seen a small increase in the appeal of the “fake” look to their breast augmentation procedures. The fake look is the overfilled breast which is as full and rounded on the upper half as the lower half of the breast.   The fake looking breast also keeps its projection even when laying down. According to Dr. Wright, the increase in a more artificial look to the breast has been in younger women, while the majority of women, especially those who are a bit older, choose the more natural look.


Why The Difference?

The actual shape of the breast is often more important than the size. Because a firm bust is considered more youthful, the artificial look is sometimes considered more attractive because the breast with a 50:50 ratio and convex overfilled top half gives the firmest or “perkiest” look. However, it is interesting to note that while the implant may look “perky,” the symmetrically round shape will remain the same whether you are standing, lying down, or bending.

What you may find surprising is that 90% men and 87% women have indicated that they prefer a more natural look. Findings in a recent study stated that there have been “misplaced assumption that men prefer oversized or fake breasts.”

Currently, breast augmentation is performed either using implants or through fat transfer procedures. Each of these techniques do provide different results. Implants will provide a more artificial appearance, while fat transfer will give women a more natural, softer look. Implants can also give a larger increase to breast compared to fat transfer which can only increase the breast by a cup size at the most.

Your Desired Results Are Important

When deciding on breast augmentation, your desired results are very important. At Laser Lipo and Vein Center, we strive to ensure that each of our patients receive the look and feel they want. During a consultation, we will discuss all of your available options and help you choose the one that will be the very best for you.