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FaceTite vs Traditional Face Lift

While we all will get older—and hopefully wiser—our faces will unfortunately start to see signs of aging settling in. Whether these signs are seen as wrinkles, jowls, or facial lines, they can be treated with facial rejuvenation procedures such as traditional face lifts. Face lifts have been a common procedure for years, but the surgical components of these procedures are quite invasive. FaceTite is an alternative procedure that has been recently developed to achieve the same results without any surgical incisions. Here is the information you need to consider when choosing between these two procedures.

Traditional Face Lift

The effects of aging can be combated with traditional face lift procedures. This includes relaxed skin, jowls around the neck, and collected fat tissue in the face. Traditional face lifts have cosmetic surgeons tightening the muscles in the face to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing contour, giving your face a rejuvenated appearance. This procedure requires invasive surgical incisions around the treated areas that can leave noticeable scarring.

Due to its invasiveness, traditional face lifts have lengthy recovery times that can last for weeks. Traditional face lifts are recommended for those who have more severe skin laxity. Nowadays, most cosmetic surgeons recommend less invasive procedures such as FaceTite.


FaceTite is a recently developed procedure used to achieve the same results as a traditional face lift but without the invasiveness. This procedure uses non-invasive techniques to avoid any significant incisions. FaceTite uses radio frequency energy to heat and “melt” the fat tissue in treated areas before suction removes it from a small incision. This new procedure has the added benefit of stimulating collagen production in the treated areas, helping you achieve a more youthful look.

The recovery period after receiving FaceTite is a fraction of the time after a traditional face lift, with most patients requiring just a few days to feel back to normal again. Your face will also have far less scarring that will be virtually unnoticeable. FaceTite is the recommended procedure for those with mild skin laxity who wish to find great results without the dangers or lengthy recovery of a traditional face lift.

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