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Enhance Your Figure with a Brazilian Butt Lift

If you have ever wanted to have a more curvaceous backside without the unnatural appearance of implants, a Brazilian Butt Lift may be perfect for you. This simple procedure has become increasingly popular by allowing individuals to achieve a more perky backside without implants or synthetic fillers. Instead, naturally occurring fat tissue from your own body is removed and injected into your buttocks for a natural appearance. Here is how a Brazilian Butt Lift in St Louis can enhance your figure:

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

We take naturally occurring fat tissue from areas of your body where you often do not want it. These areas typically include around the thighs, hips, and even abdomen. The fat tissue is removed through liposuction that not only removes fat tissue but helps contour your shape. This fat tissue is then processed and purified; only the purest tissue is used for the injection. A small cannula injects that fat tissue at multiple depths, allowing the body to better absorb it and create the natural appearance you want.

After Your Procedure

In as little as a week can return to most of your daily activities after receiving a Brazilian Butt Lift. More physical activities such as exercises and workouts should be held off for approximately three to four weeks depending on your recovery progress. Patients will be required to wear compression stockings that not only help your body heal fast but also keep your newly shaped buttocks looking great. Individuals who do choose a Brazilian Butt Lift need to make sure they are aware of how they sit during this time to not interfere with the recovery.

Several Benefits and More

Of course, the benefits are the true star of what makes a Brazilian Butt Lift in St Louis so incredible. As mentioned, when you choose a Brazilian Butt Lift over synthetic fillers and injections, it’s because you want a more natural appearance. Your new figure will appear like natural, without the obvious signs of synthetic enhancement. With the added benefits of liposuction, your entire body will be looking better than ever with this effective procedure.

Choose a Brazilian Butt Lift in St Louis to Enhance Your Figure

If the benefits and results of a Brazilian Butt Lift sound encouraging to you, make sure to choose no one else but the Laser Lipo and Vein Center. Our professional staff, led by Dr. Wright, has years of experience in this figure-changing procedure. Simply give us a call and book your free consultation!