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The human body is amazingly complex. Much like an intricate machine, our bodies can perform at a high-functioning rate of efficiency when working at their very best and perform incredibly difficult tasks simultaneously. Diet and exercise are part of this stunningly efficient process. Individuals looking to reduce body fat and change their very shapes often need only set a plan in place to eat differently and commit to regular physical exercise. These small changes can make a dramatic toll on a person’s shape, tone, and overall muscle condition. Emsculpt can help fix even the most problematic areas. Read on to learn more about our Emsculpt treatment below!

However, even the most dedicated athlete or health enthusiast isn’t efficient enough to overcome the power of genetics. There are some natural factors that occur in the body that make even the most strenuous workout ineffective against the accumulation of fat cells in particularly stubborn areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and buttocks.

While both men and women are prone to struggling with these fat deposit build-ups, women, in particular, are susceptible to the development of Diastasis Recti. This condition results in abdominal walls separating after events such as pregnancy and giving birth. Conditions like this require something more than crunches and sit-ups and often leave a pouch-like appearance in the lower abdomen.

Whether a result of genetics or life milestones, there is some fat that just can’t be beaten. In instances where an individual is looking to reduce fat cells and tone up muscle and diet and exercise prove ineffective, Emsculpt may be the answer.

An Innovative Approach and Overview

Emsculpt is an FDA-approved technique in the field of cosmetic treatment that both reduces the volume of fat deposits and simultaneously tones the underlying muscles using a technique inspired by the body itself. While crunches, sit-ups, and squats are generally helpful at toning muscles by increasing metabolism and forcing muscles to contract regularly, Emsculpt works under the same theory at a highly-increased rate of action. Using electromagnetic waves, an attending physician can direct this high-intensity energy at problematic areas of the body, inducing supramaximal muscle contractions to achieve the desired aesthetic results. As the muscles contract rapidly, fat cells are forced to disappear, and muscles are encouraged to tighten up. Over the course of multiple sessions, this effect leaves patients with less overall fat cells and a more toned appearance. In fact, a single 30-minute Emsculpt session is equivalent to doing over 20,000 sit-ups or squats at the gym. Patients are thrilled with the fact that they can receive the same results from the comfort of an attending physician’s office.

Physicians generally recommend that patients who elect Emsculpt to tone and sculpt the body do so over a course of 2-4 sessions that fall within 2-3 days of each other to achieve optimal results. A single session can be completed in half an hour and is an extremely comfortable experience for patients. Emsculpt is administered with a hand-held device that is run over the surface of the skin. Electromagnetic waves of varying lengths and increasing intensity provide a gradual increase in contraction force over the course of the 30-minute period. Many patients report feeling more toned after their first session, however, dramatic and visible results are generally seen in the 2-4 weeks following a session as fat cells continue to disappear, and muscles continue to tone up.

Many patients are drawn to Emsculpt as a cosmetic solution for it’s highly safe and extremely effective results. This out-patient procedure does not require a patient to book a hospital stay or run any of the risks associated with the use of general anesthesia or a long recovery period. In fact, Emsculpt comes with no downtime whatsoever, and at most, patients report a tightened feeling in the treatment area after their session is complete. Patients looking for long-term results after undergoing Emsculpt will find that their toned and sculpted physique is likely to remain that way with the continued commitment to diet and exercise. Many patients choose to continue regular sessions in order to improve their overall appearance for years to come.

While Emsculpt is designed as a treatment option for reducing fat and toning muscle, it is important to note that it is not a solution for significant weight loss. The ideal Emsculpt candidate will be close to their ideal BMI prior to undergoing treatment of any kind and already adhere to diet and exercise on a daily basis. Similarly, Emsculpt is not an ideal solution for patients who are pregnant, have a history of seizures or heart issues, or struggle with hernias. Those who have recently undergone surgery of any type are not ideal candidates for Emsculpt.

When it comes to financing Emsculpt sessions, patients electing this type of treatment can expect the cost to fluctuate between $2,000 and $4,000 dependent on the areas being treated and the number of sessions required to achieve desirable results.

Emsculpt for Abs

One area of the body that reacts very well to the effects of EmSculpt is the abdominal region. This area tends to be a commonplace for fat cells to accumulate and a single session can leave patients feeling firmer in the belly. 20,000 forced contractions over the course of several sessions provide visible results that include increased abdominal muscle definition, less lower belly fat and a more defined waistline.

Those who elect to use Emsculpt in St Louis as a solution for abdominal toning and tightening will enjoy the benefits of a process that simultaneously metabolizes fat cells and strengthens abdominal muscles. Emsculpt effectively uses the body’s natural approach to fighting fat at an increased rate to leave the abdomen with more definition and tone than ever before. Patients using Emsculpt on the abdomen often do so for the added bonus of a treatment that doesn’t require surgery and allows them to leave the office and return to the activities of daily life without a required recovery period. This quick and efficient solution to toning the abdomen is a great solution for those busy individuals who are looking for the benefits of the gym without the time spent there.



Emsculpt for the Buttocks

Similar to abdominal treatments, Emsculpt for the buttocks has become very popular amongst patients looking to tone, smooth, and lift this area of the body. Many patients choose to schedule sessions where both the abdomen and buttocks are targeted within the same day. As electromagnetic waves are directed at the buttocks, fat cells are sent into a state of apoptosis, which allows the body to naturally mark them as ineffective and ultimately clear them out and make way for muscle definition.

The results of Emsculpt in St Louis for the buttock are as quick and efficient as they are on the abdomen. Many patients enjoy noticeable results after a single session. Those who continue on to complete a series of sessions will see drastic changes that can improve self-confidence and positively affect the fit of clothing as well. Ultimately, no amount of squats or machine-work in the gym can add up to the results attained through Emsculpt. This innovative approach to promoting the body to metabolize at a higher rate of efficiency is a sure way to achieve greater definition, amazing tone, and lift in the buttocks.

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Other Exciting Benefits of EmSculpt:

  • Up to 30% reduction of fat in the treated area.
  • Up to 25% more muscle in the treated area.
  • Up to 19% reduction in abdominal separation.
  • Up to 6 cm of waist circumference reduction /[ 2 1/2 inches smaller waistline] shown both by MRI and Ultrasound.

A Journey to Change

Whether you’re drawn to the many benefits of Emsculpt in light of its non-invasive nature, simple approach to fat reduction or overall toning and contouring, the first step in deciding if
this is the right step for you is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Wright at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to patient care and when you schedule an initial consultation, you set aside the necessary time for Dr. Wright to review your medical history and speak one on one about the many options available to patients according to their personal goals. Every cosmetic procedure comes with an emotional impact and we believe every patient deserves an experience that is comfortable, safe and successful.

An initial consultation is also the best time for patients to voice any questions, concerns or preferences they may have prior to setting up a personalized treatment plan. In the event that insurance coverage is not an option, our teamis here to walk you through the several alternative options we provide for handling payments and financing treatment. Schedule your consultation today and begin a transformative journey that could be life changing!