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Medications to Avoid Before and After Liposuction Surgery

Medications to Avoid Before and After Liposuction Surgery Protect Your Health and Safety!

Is liposuction safe?

This is a question many have asked, and fortunately – for the most part – it is one of the safest cosmetic surgeries around! But, if you truly want to make your liposuction safe, in order to avoid the complications and risks inherent to liposuction, it’s vital that patients cease taking pain meds before and after Liposuction or other substances that can impair the blood from clotting normally. Examples include aspirin and ibuprofen, along with other NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), which bind to blood platelets and prevent blood coagulation. Vitamin E, red wine, and Coumadin (or warfarin) also impair blood from clotting. Coumadin is often given to patients with illnesses that cause excessive blood clots and prevents clotting by competing with vitamin K.

Read on to learn more about which substances and medications could potentially pose a threat when taken before liposuction surgery.

Liposuction Pre-Operative Exam

It is very important to have a thorough preoperative exam prior to the liposuction.  The entire surgical procedure and post-operative care are explained to help the patient be ready for the surgery and have a smooth recovery. Your pain meds before and after Liposuction will be reviewed at your preoperative visit. Dr. Wright and his nurses will check for possible drug interactions with your medication and the medication used in the liposuction to ensure maximum safety. Dr. Wright will examine the patient. Check the heart and lungs to make sure there are no safety concerns for the planned surgery.  Check for hernia if planning an abdominal liposuction surgery. Mark the areas that will be treated to make sure the patient and the whole surgical team understand the areas that will be treated and what will not be treated. Baseline photographs of the planned surgical areas are taken.


Pain Meds After Liposuction

Avoid These Substances and Pain Meds After Liposuction

For healthy and safe liposuction, it is absolutely essential that you avoid the following drugs and substances before undergoing liposuction:

Common Medications, Substances, and Supplements

  • Advil
  • Alcohol
  • Aleve
  • Alka Seltzer
  • Aspirin
  • Baby Aspirin
  • Bayer
  • Children’s Aspirin
  • Doan’s Pills
  • Excedrin
  • Feverfew (or Tanacetum Parthenium)
  • 4-Way Cold Tabs
  • Garlic Capsules
  • Ginko Biloba
  • Goody’s Body Pain
  • Ibuprofen
  • Midol
  • Motrin
  • Pamprin
  • Pepto-Bismol
  • Red Wine
  • Sine Off
  • Sine Aid
  • Vanquish
  • Vitamin E
  • Willow Bark

Other Medications

  • Amigesic
  • Anacin
  • Anaprox
  • Anaproxin
  • Ansaid
  • APC
  • Argesic
  • Arthra G
  • Arthropan
  • S.A.
  • Ascodeen
  • Ascriptin
  • Aspergum
  • BC Powder
  • Brufen
  • Bufferin
  • Butazolidin
  • Cephalgesic
  • Cheracol Caps
  • Choline Salicylate
  • Clinoril
  • Congesprin
  • Cope
  • Coricidin
  • Corticosteroids
  • Coumadin (or Warfarin)
  • Darvon ASA
  • Darvon Compound
  • Daypro
  • Depakote
  • Dexamethasone
  • Dicolfenac
  • Dipyridamole
  • Disalcid
  • Divalproex
  • Dolobid
  • Dristan
  • Easprin
  • Ecotrin
  • Empirin
  • Emprazil
  • Endodan
  • Feldene
  • Fenoprofen
  • Fiorinal
  • Flurbiprofen
  • Froben
  • Gelpirin
  • Genpril
  • Genprin
  • Haltran
  • Halfprin
  • Ibuprin
  • Iburprohm
  • Indameth
  • Indocin
  • Indomethacin
  • Ketoprofen
  • Ketorolac
  • Lortab ASA
  • Magan
  • MG Salicylate
  • Meclofenamate
  • Meclofen
  • Medipren
  • Mefenamic
  • Menadob
  • Mobidin
  • Monogesic
  • Nabumetone
  • Nalfon
  • Naprosyn
  • Naproxen
  • Norgesic
  • Norwich Ex. Str.
  • Nuprin
  • Ocufen
  • Orudis
  • Oruvail
  • Oxyphenbutazone
  • Oxybutazone
  • Oxyprozin
  • Percodan
  • Persantine
  • Phenaphen
  • Phenylbutazone
  • Piroxicam
  • Ponstel
  • Prednisone
  • Quagesic
  • Relafen
  • Rexolate
  • Robasissal
  • Roxiprin
  • Rufin
  • Saleto
  • Salflex
  • Salsalate
  • Salsitab
  • Na Thiosalicylate
  • Soma Compound
  • Sulindac
  • Synalgos DC
  • Tolectin
  • Tolmetin
  • Toradol
  • Trandate
  • Trendan
  • Trental
  • Trigesic
  • Trilisate
  • Tusal
  • Voltaren
  • Zactrin
  • Zorprin

For Further Information, Consult the Experts at Laser Lipo and Vein Center

Be proactive about your safety and make sure you consult a trusted physician before your liposuction procedure. Laser Lipo and Vein Center has dedicated staff members and seasoned cosmetic surgeons available for consultations; ask them about whether your medications will pose any risk for liposuction. Contact our office to schedule your appointment today!

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