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Diet and Acne

Competing evidence over the past few decades has obfuscated the connection between diet and impact on acne. In the 1960s, several research studies indicating that diet played a huge role in acne development. Then came the 1980s, where specific studies called this validity into question and downplayed the elements that diet has on acne. Everything seems to come full circle, including the evidence between dieting and exercise.

Not the Association That Was Previously Believed

The Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, or JAAD, has set out to find a clear consensus on the implications diet has on the management of acne. While the results do not indicate that all bad foods can impact your acne, there are some types that can. Specifically, the authors of the study, including Dr. Stein Gold, have found interesting relationships between high glycemic diets and acne. Foods that include a high glycemic level indicate that they are easier to digest and absorb into the body a lot faster. This can raise the blood sugar in your body extremely fast. Foods that are high on the glycemic index typically include processed carbohydrates and sugars. This means packaged foods and fast food items are typically high on the glycemic levels.

Limited Results to Add

Not only did the researchers find that high glycemic foods have emerging data to suggest a relationship with acne, but they also found additional results. In particular, Dr. Gold and his team found limited evidence to suggest that dairy products, specifically skim milk, can have an influence on acne. Limited results mean that there is no firm recommendation on the effects skim milk and other dairy products can have on your body.

Reduce High Glycemic Foods in Your Diet

Results of the JAAD research study should make it clear that high glycemic foods should be enjoyed in moderation if you suffer from acne. High glycemic foods can also cause additional health issues, especially for those who are diabetic. Following a healthy diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods can help clear up your acne.

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