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Dangerous Cosmetic Procedures to Avoid

When it comes to helping you look your best, we offer a variety of cosmetic procedures that are completely safe under trusted hands. These techniques also have years of successful results, ensuring they are not a run of the mill attempt. However, there are cosmetic procedures on the market that should be avoided. Be wary of these dangerous cosmetic procedures:

Fat Removal in the Cheek

You may find some cosmetic surgeons who will be fine with performing a fat removal in the cheek. However, this procedure is not advised, especially for those who already have thin faces. If your face is already thin, you can appear almost hollow if more fat tissue is removed. Having some fat tissue in the face is a good thing and can help your face appear firm.

Non-Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

If you want a more plump and fuller look in the face, you can be administered an injectable filler. Most of these fillers use hyaluronic acid, which is a substance found naturally in the body. Other fillers can be composed of synthetic materials that some bodies may reject. If this happens, you can develop severe side effects that will require medical attention. Severe side effects can include scarring or losing parts of the face near the injection site. Make sure your cosmetic surgeon only uses hyaluronic acid for your filler treatments.

Lip Implants

We can also safely increase the size and appearance of your lips with a natural fat tissue injection. These injections provide a natural look and are completely safe. Lip implants can provide a severe skin reaction due to having a foreign object inside of them. Lip fillers will help give you a natural look and help them stay hydrated.

Butt Implants

Another implant that is dangerous for the body is a butt implant. We all want a bigger and better-shaped backside. Butt implants also provide the risk of having a foreign object in your body that it may reject. Instead, a fat transfer can safely transfer fat tissue into your backside, giving it a better shape without the risk of side effects.

Seek Professional Cosmetic Help Today For Cosmetic Procedures

We offer a variety of cosmetic treatments that do not include these dangerous options. Call today for your free consultation and see which treatment option can help you improve the way you look without unnecessary side effects on the body.