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Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Now is the perfect time to take a look at laser hair removal with spring just a few months away. Laser hair removal is one of the top permanent hair removal options for any treatable area, and with decreasing prices, it’s never been a better time to get it!

With laser hair removal, you won’t have to make constant trips to the store to buy more razors, or get those painful wax treatments that leave your body with unwanted redness. Laser hair removal costs depend on the hair growth of the patient, how many areas will be treated, and how large those areas are. Consultations are free with the professionals at Laser Lipo and Veins, so don’t wait on calling to schedule your appointment!

Countless Benefits to Laser Hair Removal

Quick, Easy, and Effective

Treatments for laser hair removal are quick and painless, letting you drop by the office during your lunch break and continue with your busy day! Anyone with lighter skin tones can benefit from permanent hair loss after just a few treatments. Results can be seen immediately, with hair falling off the treated area in a manner of weeks.

Moreover, if you go to a reputable clinic, you’ll find that there are a range of laser hair removal treatments designed for multiple hair types and skin tones, even if the best results are still mostly seen in patients with darker hair than their skin. Some laser hair removal centers can even treat red, blonde, and gray hair!

Laser Lipo and Veins uses the Diolaze, one of the latest advancements in laser hair removal technology. This handy device targets your stubborn hair and uses high-frequency pulses that will break down hair follicles and prevent future growth.

More Efficient Than Other Methods

Maybe we’ve convinced you of the fact that laser hair removal works, but how does it stack up against traditional and modern hair removal methods?

When hair removal comes to mind, many patients think of waxing and shaving, though newfangled approaches like hair growth reduction products and electrolysis are also growing in popularity.

Waxing, when done by a professional, entails the application of hot wax to unwanted hair, which then removes the hair by ripping it out at the root (and yes, that is as painful as it sounds) in the opposite direction of the hair’s growth. Oftentimes, waxing is used on legs and underarms, as well as sensitive bikini areas, giving patients anywhere from two to six weeks of smooth, hair-free skin depending on your hair type, thickness, and growth rate.

On average, the results of waxing last for about three weeks. Once your stubble has grown in, you can then have another waxing procedure. The kicker? Depending on which salon you go to and which areas you have waxed, waxing can range from $35 to $80 per session. Additionally, it can also result in painful ingrown hairs, on top of the pain from the literal ripping of your hair roots. Some patients drink alcohol beforehand to dull the pain, but this isn’t recommended as alcohol tightens the pores and makes waxing more painful.

Shaving (removing unwanted hair at the surface of your skin by cutting it down with a razor) is one of the most typical hair removal methods, being seen as less expensive, less painful, quicker, and easier. Female patients tend to shave their underarms and legs, and shaving is most effectively employed by those with lightweight hair with a finer texture. Some male patients shave parts of their bodies, such as the face, even more frequently than their female counterparts, depending on how quickly their hair grows.

However, hair grows back quickly, and often appears thicker since shaving gives hair a blunt shape from the cut of the razor, as opposed to its natural taper. There are also risks for razor burn and cuts, as well as ingrown hairs. Finally, the surface cost may by inexpensive in the short term, but years of purchasing razors and shaving cream on a regular basis result in astronomical totals, starting at $250 to $300 per year—not to mention the environmental impact of disposable razors being made and disposed of so frequently.

Of course, beyond shaving and waxing, there are products that promise to inhibit hair growth and ease hair removal through the use of chemicals. Products like depilatory creams (Nair and Veet, for example) weaken hair follicles chemically so that you can wipe them away, while other products like hair inhibiting gel wipes are supposed to slow hair growth by regularly using them after shaving or waxing.

The chemicals in these products can irritate your skin, can result in ingrown hairs, and are known to smell unpleasant. And like shaving, the costs for these products are minimal at first—about $6 to $12 per tube or container—however, they add up over time, especially with regular use.

Electrolysis is another method used for hair removal that employs a needle-shaped electrode to zap an unwanted hair follicle with electricity. Each follicle is treated individually, often in small areas like the upper lip, the eyebrows, or the underarms. While this method is supposed to be better for patients with fine-textured and light-colored hair, it is a costly and time-consuming treatment that can result in skin discoloration or scarring if done improperly.

Additionally, treatments are often described as feeling uncomfortable, with pricking and stinging sensations. The average cost of electrolysis treatments is about $45 to $65 for a thirty minute session. Permanent hair removal often requires multiple sessions.

Laser hair removal, meanwhile, uses light to penetrate the skin, target hair shafts by the level of melanin they contain, and destroy the hair follicles to inhibit future hair growth. Because it doesn’t damage the skin, it can be used on a wide range of bodily areas, as well as skin types like sensitive skin. It provides proven and lasting results, with most patients seeing permanent hair loss after a single series of sessions (approximately six sessions in total).

Of course, laser hair removal can be uncomfortable for some, with sensations similar to that of a snapping rubber band. Laser hair removal also has an expensive upfront cost per treatment, even though it usually decreases in price as less and less hair needs to be treated, in addition to saving patients thousands of dollars and countless hours of time in the long run. And potential side effects range from minor ones like itching, swelling, temporary redness, and slight pain or discomfort, to more serious ones like bleeding, scabbing, burning, bruising, and infection.

Long-Term Benefits of Laser Hair Removal St. Louis Cost

Believe it or not, laser hair removal can save you time and money.

Over the course of a patient’s lifetime, shaving and waxing—two of the most common traditional methods for removing unwanted hair—can cost thousands of dollars and far too much time. After the first year, the costs of shaving (from razors and shaving cream to that extra water usage on your monthly water bill) add up to around $300, and the costs of waxing (including service prices and tipping, while possibly excluding gas prices and more) add up to $650. After ten years, shaving costs $3,000, while waxing costs approximately $6,630. After twenty years, shaving can cost patients as much as $6,000, while waxing costs can accrue over $13,000.

Here’s another fun fact: shaving, in particular, can result in over 400,000 gallons of wasted water throughout a woman’s lifetime! Not only will you see the damage on your water bill, but you’ll also see it in the environment, with a precious natural resource squandered on an unnecessary habit.

Beyond money and environmental impact, the time wasted on removing unwanted hair via waxing and shaving is astounding. Waxing can take up as much as four to five days’ worth of time over twenty years, while time spent shaving can add up to a total of fifty-four days. Can you imagine what you would like to do with nearly two months’ worth of time? We bet the answer isn’t shaving! You could take a number of once-in-a-lifetime vacations with that kind of time!

In comparison, laser hair removal is often successful after a single series of treatments, costing patients an average of $3,600 in total over their lifetime. Additionally, a single laser hair removal series of sessions takes six to ten hours—just a quarter to under one half of one day, as opposed to a week’s worth or multiple months’ worth of time. And unlike shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is particularly effective at removing hair from large areas on the body, frequently resulting in permanent hair reduction for patients who undergo the procedure.

Beyond all of the obvious benefits of laser hair removal St Louis cost listed above, having your procedure done at Laser Lipo and Veins also comes with the added benefit of a significantly reduced cost compared to laser hair removal clinic chains, such as Ideal Image. At Laser Lipo and Veins, our laser hair removal procedures cost less than twenty-five percent of what you would pay at a place like Ideal Image!

A Truly Great Hair Removal Procedure

With laser hair removal at a cost that is great for consumers and being virtually pain-free, there is no reason to wait on calling for your consultation! Enjoy the wonders of never having to shave again and beautifully smooth skin that will make all of your friends and family jealous. Contact the professionals at Laser Lipo and Veins for your free consultation and see how easy it is for you to receive laser hair removal and to find out more about liposuction St Louis cost.