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Cosmetic Vein Services

Cosmetic Vein Services

Some visible veins give people real cosmetic problems. While all visible veins mean improper circulation, some visible veins are very superficial and upon examination show no failure of deeper vein systems. These annoying veins are called “spider veins.” Spider veins respond well to cosmetic vein treatment methods like sclerotherapy.

Spider veins can appear nearly anywhere but largely show up on the legs, face and hands.

Spider veins detract from one’s appearance and often cause self-consciousness and embarrassment. There is no reason to live with these aggravating veins; they are easily treated. Contact Dr. Wright to schedule your spider vein treatment at his St. Louis office.

Before and after spider vein treatment by St. Louis vein expert Dr. Wright.

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Leg after one treatment of sclerotherapy to remove spider veins

Expert Spider Vein Treatment in St. Louis

Dr. Wright, a phlebologist dedicated to vein care and health, treats spider veins with sclerotherapy, a medicinal treatment of tiny injections to close visible veins. With a series of cosmetic vein treatments in our medical office and aftercare with compression stockings to keep pressure on treated veins so they close quickly, spider veins are easily removed. The smooth appearance of the legs is restored.

Spider veins can be caused by heredity, hormones, sun exposure and many other factors. While they do not present a health risk, they are nonetheless a problem for those who want clear, healthful looking legs.

Spider veins often appear on legs. We also treat unsightly veins on the face and hands. These spider vein treatments are safe and are expertly performed in our medical office. Dr. Wright has received numerous awards for his expertise and patient care including four consecutive Patients’ Choice Awards. Our happy patients and their lovely legs are a wonderful testimonial to the success of his work.

Before and after cosmetic vein treatment

Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Facial veins respond beautifully to treatment in our office

Patient Has Sclerotherapy on Blue Facial Veins