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Permanent Makeup Saint Louis

Permanent Makeup Saint Louis Permanent Cosmetics

Wake up inspired not tired! Spend more time living and less time primping.
Now offering Intradermal Cosmetics / Permanent Makeup in St Louis at the Laser Lipo and Vein Center! Our Artist, Tara Frabotta brings Advanced AIIC Certifications, Masters Training and Certifications from Master Artist and Instructor, Yun Weeks.

Eyebrow Permanent Makeup

eyeliner adEyebrows, are a key element to framing the face. Poorly shaped or ignored eyebrows can make us appear sad, angry or even older than we really are. Conversely, properly shaped eyebrows add a youthful healthy appearance instantly.

During consultation you will chose from two eyebrow application methods, which are 1. Shading (also referred to as filling) or 2. Hairline Stroke. Prior to procedure we will draw on brows with pencil to ensure optimal outcome.

The shaded eyebrow provides a soft filled-in appearance as implanted pigment is placed closely together. Both subtle and bold looks are achievable. Many clients choose shading when they have permanent makeup in St. Louis which no longer holds the color or shape they are currently seeking. Also, many women with sufficient eyebrow hair choose shading to simply fill in gaps or create a more dramatic look.

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Actual Patient – Individual Results May Vary

Hairline stroke is hair simulation. Through a 3D technique hair appears natural and slightly raised. A variety of colors are used to create the most realistic look. Like shading this procedure also eliminates gaps and scars and allows for optimal shape and color. Many women who have lesser to no hair prefer hairline stroke application. The hairline stroke method can also be subtle or as bold as desired

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For eyebrows, plan for a two hour session.

Eyeliner and Lash Enhancement

Like brows the lash-line and eyeliner area can truly enhance the first thing people notice about you. Intradermal eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colors to create a soft natural look or one which is more bold.

The lash enhancement is subtle while truly adding beauty to the eye while remaining very natural. It is very subtle implant of pigment just along the lash lines. Lash enhancement makes the eyelashes appear thicker, darker and longer without mascara. Like most intradermal cosmetic services, often lash enhancement clients return for more once they see the benefit and how easy the process is.

Lash Enhancement

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For classic upper and lower eyeliner feel free to bring or send pictures. We can go with classic lower and/or upper liner or we can add a a build across the top to add shape. If you are seeking a more exotic look we add a small or more elaborate cattail. To note, while it can be achieved, it is preferred to not join the top and bottom liners.


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Joined Eyeliner & Wing Design

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Plan for Lash Enhancement for 1 ½ hours and for Eyeliner to take 2 hours for the initial session.

Lipliner And Lip Color

Lips might be the most sensual facial feature. Like eyebrows, they can also go unnoticed communicate our feelings or they can get someone to give a lingering stare. Proper shape and color of lips dramatically improve our outer appearance.

Liner can be applied to provide greater definition, correct uneven lips, make lips appear fuller and make a cupid’s bow more pronounced.

Lip Liner (Blended) – Thinner Lining Upon Request

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Full lip tint/color can be applied in a natural hue or in a vivid shade for a more dramatic effect. This procedure is a great solution for those who have lines around the mouth where regular lipstick often bleeds.

Some clients prefer to have the liner or full lip tint to go slightly into the mouth cavity to create a pout-like look vs. covering the entire vermilion line. Covering the entire outer line could bring an unwanted widened mouth.
Permanent makeup lip liner and full lip tint services are commonly combined. We can use two tones for contrast or use greater depth of one color around the lip line.

Full Lip Tint

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Expect your initial session to last 2 hours.

Due to the softer skin, lips bring a bit more down time. You will be swollen for 24-72 hours. The lips will feel tight for about 4-7 days much like chapped lips. In most cases lips are back to the normal smoothness within 2 weeks with the actual color blossoming at 4-6 weeks.

For lip procedures it is highly recommended to have a second session. Daily habits such as eating, drinking, kissing, smoking, drooling, etc. can affect how well the pigment holds. Please allow 1 ½ hours for the second session.

To note, while intradermal lip service enhance lips dramatically, it does not replace fillers. The combination of intradermal lip enhancement and injectables can be a great combination.

Areola/Nipple Rejuvenation Saint Louis

Most people who we work with for Areola rejuvenation have had medical issues including breast augmentation, cosmetic areola enhancement post mastectomy or breast reduction. In some cases, clients simply want more color as sun exposure and age tend to fade the area. It is also possible to change the size of the areola with intradermal pigmentation.

In some cases micro-needling may be used to decrease stretch marks and scars prior to implanting pigment to ensure the most even color. This will be determined in a consultation.

Plan for the initial session to take 3 hours; depending on what needs to be done.

These procedures do require a return visit as the 3D technique used requires 2-3 color stages.
1. To implant the areola color and shape
2. To add appearance of Montgomery glands
3. To add shading to make the nipple area appear raised and/to add natural looking undertones.
Downtime depends upon sensitivity level. Most can return to daily activity right away. Topical anesthetic is used to minimize discomfort. The number of sessions required is dependent upon sensitivity level and scarring.

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Scar Rejuvenation/Stretch Mark Repair/Collagen Rebuild Via MicroNeedling

Whether you have athletic scars, burn marks, uneven skin tone, stretch marks cellulite, aging or sagging skin, hyper pigmentation, chickenpox and shingles scars, Micro-needling can help in a very big way through regeneration of collagen.

Micro-needling is typically done in a series of sessions, with minimal discomfort and downtime. Of course each case is unique given depth and size to be treated. Most people do notice a difference after the fist session post the short healing time of 1-2 weeks.

To note, areas treated may appear sunburnt and should be treated with care as instructed.

General Information


Like all permanent cosmetics or permanent makeup procedures the process is virtually painless, many clients fall asleep while the procedure is performed. Downtime is minimal. Most are ready to return to daily activities with 24 hours depending on the depth of color and extent of shaping. Typically only slight swelling and redness occur. To note, the lip services require a little more downtime especially if you are being discreet. Given lips are softer tissue, noticeable swelling lasts 24-72 hours. Again, this will depend on depth of color.

Color Outcome

Applied color vs. healed color is vastly different. Initial color appears 30-40% more rich post procedure. The healed natural looking color should be apparent after two weeks.


We do recommend follow-up sessions for all procedures even if no further application is needed. Some may experience a slight lift in color due to scar tissue and some who initially chose a more subtle look often return as they want more of a great thing. Most subsequent sessions are half or just over half the time of the initial visit.

On-going Communication

Clients are welcome and encouraged to send pictures and questions as often as desired. We are also happy to have you come in for a quick review to make sure you are comfortable with results as you heal. Communication will be returned within 24 hours. We will check in with you following appointments as well to ensure satisfaction.

Intradermal Cosmetic Longevity/Purpose

Most patients are satisfied with the results for 3-5 years or more. Given the permanent nature of permanent cosmetics, results should reflect your desired everyday look and not take the place of special occasion make-up. St Louis Permanent cosmetics and Laser should serve as your secret weapon to start the day feeling inspired not tired.

Trust us; if you want to save some time in the morning or cement your perfect look forever, Permanent makeup St Louis procedures are the answer. Call today for more information!