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Brazilian Butt Lift Safety

Brazilian Butt Lift Safety Keep These Safety Aspects in Mind

The Brazilian buttlift can contour your buttocks

We hear repeatedly about how the Brazilian butt lift is an increasingly popular form of cosmetic surgery to undergo, but what is it? And more importantly, is it safe?
Brazilian butt lifts are a form of buttock shaping and augmentation surgery that involves removing fat from one part or area of the body and injecting the fat into the buttocks. Benefits of the procedure include the increased roundness, fullness, and projection of the buttocks, as well as an improved balance to the patient’s figure.
However, as with any surgical procedure there are risks inherent to the process of the Brazilian buttlift that patients should be fully aware of before committing to having the procedure done. Read below to learn more about the safety risks that can result from this procedure, as well as the precautions you should take if you decide to undergo it.


Before & After Brazilian Butt Lift


Keep These Safety Aspects in Mind

There are several risk factors of varying severity for the Brazilian buttlift procedure. Hematomas, or bruises can arise from blood collecting near the site of the surgery, causing pain, swelling, and discomfort in the area. Bruises that are purple, blue, or black are fairly common. Severe bruising while not common may require medical attention.

A seroma is the buildup of clear fluid at a site post-surgery, often appearing as a small bump in the area. This is caused by the leaking of plasma from damaged lymphatic vessels into the site. Also like bruises, smaller seromas may be absorbed by the body, but larger seromas may become infected and require medical attention.

The fat that is transferred or grafted in the buttock may not survive. If proper post op care including avoiding sitting on area of the buttock where the new fat is can cause the fat cells to die which is why following your surgeon’s instructions for post-operative care is vital. The fat that dies can cause cysts or calcification which may feel hard or uneven.

There is a very small risk of DVT or blood clots with liposuction and fat transfer. Finally, there are some surgeons that inject the fat into gluteus muscles which adds significant risk to the Brazilian butt lift. There have been reports of fat emboli being caused by this technique. I do not recommend fat injection into the butt muscles rather just fat transfer in to subcutaneous fat of the buttocks.

Finally, if the surgeon you choose utilizes general anesthesia for the procedure, your Brazilian buttlift will come with the same risks as all procedures that involve general anesthesia, including nausea, vomiting, sore throat, confusion, muscle aches, itching, chills and shivering, post-surgical delirium or cognitive dysfunction, and malignant hypothermia. Older patients may be further at risk for pneumonia, stroke, or heart attack. It is also vital that you follow your surgeon’s instructions for eating prior to the surgery, as patients can potentially choke on previously digested food while under general anesthesia.

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