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Finding The Best Lipedema Treatment

Lipedema is continuing to plague our country with increasing numbers of diagnoses each year. If you or someone you know has lipedema, you have most likely seen the changes that this debilitating condition brings about. Like other medical conditions, there is a variety of treatment options for lipedema. While the exact cause of lipedema might still be unknown to us, the lipedema treatment options are clearer. Let us compare the top treatment options you have for lipedema:

Compression Stockings

Those who are diagnosed with lipedema can wear compression stockings, custom-fitted or tight garments that will help minimize future buildup of fluid. Wearing compression stockings can also help increase the blood pressure in your legs, allowing better circulation. It is not known whether compression stocking may help retard further fat accumulation they definitely help with symptoms. While compression stockings might be a cheap treatment option, long term results may vary.

Diet and Exercise

Unfortunately, diet and exercise are unable to reduce the appearance of lipedema. However, a regular exercise and diet regime can help reduce inflammation and fluid buildup. Continuous exercise can also improve your mobility and reduce any non-lipedema fat tissue.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Researchers do know that our lymphatic function is impacted by the onset of lipedema. A type of massage called a manual lymphatic drainage helps stimulate your lymph nodes and allows them to drain. This form of treatment is great in relieving pressure and pain, but similar to the other treatments, it does not reduce the appearance of lipedema.


If you are looking for a treatment option that provides long term results and reduction to the appearance of lipedema fat, then liposuction is what you need. While the previous treatments listed so far have been conservative in the results they can achieve, liposuction is completely different. Our liposuction procedures can remove the lipedema fat that has developed in your legs and stop the pain. Typically, our patients only require local anesthesia for the procedure, with several treatments necessary depending the level of fat buildup they have accumulated.

Gradual changes in appearance can be achieved through the necessary treatments and post-operation recommendations such as compression garments. If you are looking for long-term results, liposuction might be your best treatment option.

Choosing the Laser Lipo and Veins Center for Your Lipedema Treatment

If you are ready to make the change and seek lipedema treatment, make sure you choose the Laser Lipo and Veins Center. Our staff, led by the renowned Dr. Wright, has years of experience treating this condition and are ready to help you. Call for your free consultation today and see how our liposuction procedures can alleviate the symptoms of lipedema.