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Can You Reverse Sun Damage & Prevent Skin Cancer?


Whether it’s the middle of summer or an unseasonably warm fall or winter day, there’s something inspiring about spending time in the warm sun. Both relaxing and uplifting, the sun’s powerful doses of vitamin D have a way of changing our perspective. Unfortunately, the sun’s UV rays also have a way of altering the health of our skin. It is generally agreed amongst professionals in the medical community that the sun is a major factor in the development of various forms of skin cancer in both men and women. Beyond


Treatments for Skin Blemishes


When you think about it, our skin is the most important aspect of our bodies. Every day it protects us from harmful UV rays, cold or hot temperatures, and everything else directed at us. With so much from which to protect us, it is no surprise that our skin can develop blemishes. Whether you are suffering from sun damage or acne, skin blemishes can bring down your self-confidence. Luckily, Dr. Wright and his team have perfected a variety of treatments for skin blemishes. Acne Treatments Perhaps the most common skin

Skin Care

Cold Weather Skin Care for the Winter


Winter is already just around the corner and with it comes cooler, drier air that can greatly impact our skin’s hydration. Do not let this colder season damage your skin and instead keep your skin looking and feeling great with these simple cold weather skin care tips: Wear Sunscreen Outdoors We often think of wearing sunscreen when spending hours during the summer laying by the beach or pool. What we do not often think about is how the snow during the winter season can reflect harmful UV rays. If you

Skin Care

A Moisturizer May Be Harmful to Those with Sensitive Skin


Go to your nearest drug store and you will find aisles full of all the “best” moisturizers that claim to do wonders to your skin. Most of these moisturizers will make bold claims to get you to purchase their brand. However, moisturizers may not be as beneficial as you think they are, especially when you have sensitive skin. A Moisturizer has a variety of ingredients that can be harmful depending on your skin type. What is Sensitive Skin? When medical professionals refer to sensitive skin, they are referring to skin


Can You Actually Reverse Sun Damage?


Choosing the right skin care products is no longer an easy task. You walk down the skin care aisle and are overwhelmed with an abundance of options. Many of these skin care products make bold claims such as protecting your skin from sun damage and even reversing that damage. Of course, knowing if these claims are true is not always easy. We’re here to help you understand the truth behind the claims. What Sun Damage Looks Like We all want that perfectly tanned look, but prolonged exposure to the sun