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How Effective is PRP Therapy?


You may have heard the term platelet rich plasma therapy bandied about recently, and perhaps you are wondering about this procedure and its effectiveness. Let’s take a look at PRP therapy and how it can help you! What is PRP Therapy? Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP therapy, has just recently come to the forefront as an effective facial rejuvenation treatment. It has long been used in other medical areas, including orthopedic and reconstructive medicine, along with dentistry. It is popular among athletes as a treatment for joint, tendon, tissue and


Safety of PRP Therapy


If you are considering PRP therapy, one of your main questions is probably whether this procedure is safe. Generally speaking, PRP is an extremely safe procedure. Let’s look at the overall therapy so you can understand why it is so safe. What is PRP Therapy? PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy uses your own blood platelets to increase the healing and/or rejuvenation process. The therapy is used for several different medical situations or conditions, including: • Sports injuries • ACL injuries • Plantar fasciitis • Rotator cuff tears • Arthritis/osteoarthritis

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