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Lipedema and Lymphedema Webinar


Lipedema and Lymphedema Webinar: Mythbusting and Case Controversies Learn about best practices in the delivery of homecare therapy and how changes due to COVID-19 may impact care now and into the future. VIEW THE WEBINAR


Are Lipedema Patients at Increased Risk for COVID-19


COVID-19 appeared quickly and has seemingly spread across the globe at a similarly astounding rate of speed. Experts have been working hard to pinpoint any and all trends regarding this new disease, however, there is much left to be learned about its ability to infiltrate the upper respiratory tract and who exactly is at the greatest risk of contracting it. Today, it may feel like there are still more questions than answers in relation to how COVID-19 is transmitted and how it might potentially be cured.  One widely accepted assumption


Finding The Best Lipedema Treatment


Lipedema is continuing to plague our country with increasing numbers of diagnoses each year. If you or someone you know has lipedema, you have most likely seen the changes that this debilitating condition brings about. Like other medical conditions, there is a variety of treatment options for lipedema. While the exact cause of lipedema might still be unknown to us, the lipedema treatment options are clearer. Let us compare the top treatment options you have for lipedema: Compression Stockings Those who are diagnosed with lipedema can wear compression stockings, custom-fitted