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Comparing Dermapen, Microderm, and Chemical Peels


Many people are looking for different ways to rejuvenate their skin. Luckily, there are many different treatments available to suit just about every person and their individual desired results. Many seek procedures because they have age spots or skin pigmentation issues. Others may simply be seeking ways to look younger, and skin rejuvenation for the face and/or hands can certainly help. There are several situations where skin rejuvenation can help, including: • Blotchy or discolored pigmentation • Broken capillaries or vessels that can cause pinkness or flushing • Telegiectasia or


Reducing Wrinkles with Dermapen


For those looking to erase wrinkles and reduce acne scarring, the new Dermapen is being used to treat patients in quick sessions where little to no downtime is required afterward. This fractional micro-needling device is used by trained doctors to help lift, tighten and rejuvenate damaged areas of the skin. Just as other fractional tools use modern heat and radiofrequency technology both to stimulate new collagen growth and produce new elastin below the skin’s surface, Dermapen works much the same way to reduce wrinkles while improving the texture and tone


DermaPen Micro Needling | Wrinkle, Scar Removal


DermaPen: Micro Needling for Scar and Stretch Mark Treatment In a society where beauty is so important, maintaining skin tone and glow is a goal many people seek. Imagine your skin soft, smooth and mar-free. This is possible with DermaPen. This micro-needling device can help rejuvenate the beauty of skin in very simple ways. Micro Needling with DermaPen Tiny needles penetrating the skin sounds somewhat scary, but is actually not painful. People treated with DermaPen barely feel anything but a tickle. And this treatment is effective: As sterile tines are