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Can You Actually Reverse Sun Damage?

Choosing the right skin care products is no longer an easy task. You walk down the skin care aisle and are overwhelmed with an abundance of options. Many of these skin care products make bold claims such as protecting your skin from sun damage and even reversing that damage. Of course, knowing if these claims are true is not always easy. We’re here to help you understand the truth behind the claims.

What Sun Damage Looks Like

We all want that perfectly tanned look, but prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to increased factors of skin cancer and early aging signs such as wrinkles. Our body responds to UV damage through skin changes, including the appearance of freckles. The body protects itself with a tanning pigment to prevent excessive UV exposure. Additional damage can lead to harmful enzymes that are able to break down your skin’s collagen and elastic fibers; this damage will appear as thinning skin and more wrinkles across the face. Finally, individuals with prolonged sun exposure will also start to notice their impacted skin areas lined with growing veins. Continuous UV exposure is able to promote growth in our blood vessels. Our bodies will be affected by sun damage for decades after it has occurred. What may start as dry skin and fine lines can lead to these increased damage factors.

Can Sun Damage Be Reversed?

It all depends on who you ask. Some dermatologists believe that in-house treatments such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion reverse sun damage by removing the top layer of your impacted skin. Laser treatments can also reduce the appearance of sun spots on commonly treated areas such as the neck, chest, and hands. Others do not believe the damage can be so easily reversed. While humans have enzymes called photolyases that can repair damaged DNA, it is not as effective in our bodies. Wearing sunscreen with specific DNA damage control can help your skin in producing this enzyme and protecting your skin from overexposure. The bottom line comes down to making sure to treat your skin with care, especially out in the sun. Protecting your skin with sunscreen during peak hours is especially important.

Your Skin Care Health Center

Don’t take on sun damage on your own; let the professionals at the Laser Lipo & Vein Center help you along the way. Our dermatology procedures can help you reduce the appearance of sun damage and have you looking your best in no time. Simply give us a call for your free consultation and see what our skin care procedures can do for you!