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Boosting Self-Confidence Through Plastic Surgery

A recent study conducted by Allergan found that people who undergoing plastic surgery such as injectable fillers are often using these treatments as a way to get rid of wrinkles as well as to boost their self-confidence. The study indicated findings of women stating they sought the treatments to boost self-confidence and improving their looks equally. The study also stated that nearly 74 percent of the study participants indicated they made the effort primarily for themselves, with partners and friends having significantly less influence.

General beautification was a larger motivator than dealing with the signs of aging. The exception to this was in China, where the study found that enhancing or changing a specific feature was the main goal for choosing cosmetic treatments.

Fillers More Acceptable

The research indicated that a majority of women—65 percent—agreed that fillers are now more acceptable than they were five years ago. While cosmetic procedures may be more socially acceptable, it is important that you are choosing procedures for the right reasons; the decision should be individual to yourself. Here are questions to ask yourself during your decision making process:


  • Who are you getting plastic surgery for?

It is important to understand that undergoing cosmetic procedures for someone else other than yourself can actually harm your self-esteem. Validation from outside sources will generally not bring true self-confidence.

  • Do you have underlying emotional/psychological issues driving this decision?

Are you feeling, depressed, anxious, or stressed? Treatments and procedures will not solve these issues and should be resolved through other resources.

  • What are your expectations?

You can get smoother skin, but cannot smooth out a negative outlook. Just because you are happier with some part of your face or body may not mean you are happier inside.

Consult A Professional

Dr. Wright and his staff want to ensure that each and every patient is satisfied with their end results. As such, he talks in-depth to all of his patients to ensure not only that they will be satisfied, but also they are undergoing these procedures for the right reasons.

He says, “I know how important self-image is to all patients. I want to make sure that every client achieves not only physical results, but a true sense of well-being and self-confidence.”

Please call us at Laser Lipo and Vein to schedule a complimentary consultation. Dr. Wright and his staff will guide you through this important decision so that you will have the results you desire!