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BodyTite: What to Expect

If you are looking for incredible body contouring results that can typically only be achieved from surgical procedures, BodyTite may be right for you. BodyTite is a type of radio frequency-assisted liposuction that uses radio frequency waves to help you lose inches. Not only can you lose a specific amount of fat tissue, but you can also enjoy skin-tightening benefits.

How It Works

We use a handpiece with two probes to deliver the radio frequency energy and remove fat tissue. The radio frequency waves target specific areas of fat tissue and “melt” it so it can be easily removed from the body through suction. A small incision is made on the treated area where a tiny cannula is inserted and suctions out the fat tissue. BodyTite in St Louis is able to target most areas on the body where you would typically request liposuction treatments. Most BodyTite procedures can even target areas of the body where you can be susceptible to loose skin after liposuction such as the upper arms, lower abdomen, and inner thighs. BodyTite can also be used as a promising breast lift that leaves behind only minimal scarring.

BodyTite in St Louis Results

BodyTite can remove a similar amount of fat tissue from the body similar to more traditional liposuction procedures. However, the benefits do not stop there as BodyTite in St Louis will also make your skin tighter and more elastic. The radio frequency waves invigorate collagen production in the skin as it is “melting” fat tissue. This helps improve the contour of your body giving you a more sculpted look. You cannot find similar benefits in more traditional liposuction treatments.

Keep in Mind

Similar to other cosmetic procedures, there are a few things to keep in mind before you decide BodyTite is right for you. First off, BodyTite is considered to be a minimally invasive procedure, so you do not have to experience the lengthy recovery times of traditional liposuction. BodyTite is ideal for individuals who are generally healthy and not recommended for those looking to remove a significant amount of fat tissue.

BodyTite at the Laser Lipo & Vein Center

If you wish to learn more about the incredible benefits of BodyTite in St Louis, make sure to call the Laser Lipo & Vein Center today for your free consultation. Let our professional team led by Dr. Wright show you what results you can expect.