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Bellafill Butt and Bella Butt Bundle

Bellafill Butt and Bella Butt Bundle

It’s a common goal amongst men and women alike to create a physique that creates a toned, youthful, and healthy appearance. While attention to factors such as diet and exercise can play a major role in contributing to sculpting a body that fits a positive sense of self-confidence, there are certain areas of the human body that are inevitably more difficult than others to enhance through traditional means as compared to others. In these scenarios, many individuals turn to cosmetic professionals as a means to achieving a desired physical aesthetic in a safe and effective way. Because cosmetic services can precisely target certain areas of the body that exercise or diet may leave unchanged, this is a preferable option for those individuals looking to make immediate enhancements to their physique that more closely align with the ideal appearance they wish to present to the world. Learn more about Bellafill below!

Buttock Enhancement

There is a long list of areas of the body that individuals turn to cosmetic professionals to handle when it comes to adjustments, sculpting, and enhancements but perhaps one of the most common areas is the buttock. Growing in popularity over recent years, buttock enhancements are often sought after by those individuals who long for a fuller, more shapely or lifted posterior.

While those interested in making these changes in the past may have opted out due to the highly invasive nature of many of the enhancement options available, that’s not the case today. Amazing advancements in cosmetic techniques and technology mean that prospective patients have more options than ever when it comes to buttock enhancement services that not only produce successful results but do so in a minimally invasive manner.

Who is Well-Suited for Non-Surgical Buttock Enhancement?

Electing cosmetic intervention to enhance the buttock provides a variety of options depending on how drastic of a change an individual is hoping to achieve. However, in general, non-surgical routes to cosmetic alteration and enhancement of the buttock tend to come with more natural-looking results. Patients that value a less drastic change than that which would be achieved with buttock implants will often find that non-surgical enhancement routes are well-suited to them. Those that also prioritize a quick recovery period so they can get back to everyday activities often love that these less-invasive procedures provide for a quick bounce-back timeline. For the most natural-looking results possible, those that are interested in non-surgical buttock enhancement options are usually slender in build and relatively close to their ideal weight at the time of treatment.

Enhancing the Buttock with Bellafill

One of the most popular treatment options on the market for those looking to enhance their buttock without invasive techniques is Bellafill. While more commonly known for its success in treating fine lines and wrinkles on the face, the effects of Bellafill are just as effective when it comes to buttock augmentation. Bellafill is loved for its long-lasting results and when the product itself is diluted, can cover larger areas of the body like the buttock. This product has the ability to stimulate both skin proteins and collagen production once injected, leading to an increase in tissue volume at the treatment site. For many patients, Bellafill has shown to last anywhere from 5 to 10 years after treatment.

The Bundle

The beauty of opting for cosmetic treatments when it comes to buttock enhancements is the ability on the part of physicians to combine techniques to create a highly effective route to achieving desirable results. Individuals that are interested in this when it comes to buttock enhancement are often recommended the Bella Butt Bundle option. This combines the best of Emsculpt technology and Bellafill to sculpt the posterior into a shape that the patient deems perfect. After a Bellafill injection, Emsculpt is utilized to help stimulate the results Bellafill promotes. Emsculpt utilizes electromagnetic energy at the treatment site to contract muscles at a rate of nearly 20,000 times over the course of a 30-minute session. Better than any workout at the gym, this type of contraction helps muscles eliminate fat cells in the area and tone beyond what traditional exercise can achieve.

Benefits of Bellafill and the Bundle for the Buttock

Both Bellafill for the buttock and the bundle approach are considered outpatient procedures meaning patients will enjoy the comfort of having the treatment offered in the attending physician’s office while knowing they can return to their daily activities that very day. This outpatient approach means patients never have to worry about the risk associated with a long hospital stay or general anesthesia, giving them the peace of mind to enjoy the process and focus on the results.

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