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Before and After Botox in St. Louis, MO for Lips

As we age, there are certain parts of our bodies that we don’t think about which are more prone to showing our years. Our lips are one such area that we don’t pay as much attention to until it’s too late and years of fine lines and wrinkles have settled in place as a result of habits like drinking through straws, smoking, or even certain facial expressions.

Fortunately, Botox injections can be applied to the areas surrounding a patient’s lips, enabling cosmetic surgeons like Dr. Wright to smooth out these fine lines by relaxing the muscles around the mouth. Botox injections aren’t used to create fuller lips. However, some patients experience one positive after-effect of having Botox injections injected into the muscles immediately surrounding their lips: a slight lift in the middle portion of their lips.

Take a look at our gallery of before and after pictures below and you’ll see Dr. Wright’s handiwork at its finest.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Below, you can browse through our gallery of before and after pictures of our past patients that have undergone Botox injections around their lips. Contact our office today to learn more about how you can achieve similar results for yourself!

Choose Dr. Wright and His Talented Team for Botox in St. Louis, MO

With over twenty years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery, as well as having performed countless procedures involving Botox and the lips, Dr. Wright and his expert medical staff have the qualifications and results you want in your cosmetic surgeon. Contact Laser Lipo and Veins today and schedule your Botox St. Louis consultation appointment!

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