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Botox in St Louis for the Lips

Botox in St Louis for the Lips

Through the course of the natural aging process, there are certain areas of the human body that are more prone to showing signs of use and time than other areas. One of the more sensitive parts of the body when it comes to aging are the lips. The very processes of speaking and smiling are integral to human interaction, but when it comes to physical aesthetics, these same functions can lead to the development of fine lines and wrinkles settling in around the mouth over an extended period of time. Similar habitual functions such as drinking through straws or making specific facial expressions can lend themselves to provoking a lip area that looks older than it may actually be. In general, those who smoke will notice earlier signs of lines and wrinkles around the lips and mouth than non-smokers. Let our botox in St Louis help you hide these imperfections.

Whatever the cause for the lip lines and wrinkles may be, it’s not uncommon for men and women alike to want to find a solution to fight this particular sign of aging. It’s fairly typical for feelings of insecurity to accompany physical changes around a feature that is so highly visible on a daily basis. Fortunately for those seeking treatment options, Botox has presented itself as an ever-evolving and successful route to reversing the signs of aging when it comes to the lips. While this isn’t a permanent solution, Botox in St Louis is a cosmetic path to smoothing and filling in lines that have lips looking well-beyond their actual years.

The Benefits of Botox for the Lips

The beauty of Botox for lip correction is that the benefits of treatment often go far beyond the exclusive targeted area. Botox injections allow a chemical to enter the treatment site that quickly works to paralyze or simply weaken the muscles. As those muscles relax, the lines that have developed as a result of folded skin smooth out, leaving a more youthful and relaxed overall appearance. This chemical process performed on the lips can lead to elevated corners of the mouth, a full removal of marionette lines, minimized creases, a less gum-heavy smile, and even a fuller upper lip.

Administering Botox in St Louis MO

For the vast majority of patients, Botox injections can be administered in the comfort of an attending physician’s office in under 30 minutes. At most, a physician may use a topical anesthetic to reduce any pain or discomfort, but many patients move forward with Botox without needing anything additional at all. The results a patient can expect from a Botox in St Louis are highly dependent on where in the lips the injection is placed. Chemical muscle relaxation should be pinpointed on the part of the cosmetic surgeon or physician to result in the desired shape and contour of the lips.


Because Botox injections are non-invasive, patients who elect this type of treatment for correcting lip lines and wrinkles enjoy a nearly risk-free service that’s void of any of the challenges related to lengthy hospital stays or general anesthesia. The short timeframe for injections makes it entirely possible for patients to return to their daily activities immediately following Botox treatment.


As with so many cosmetic procedures, the cost of receiving Botox injections will vary from patient to patient and is very dependent on the severity of the area to be treated and how many injections are required to achieve the desired results. Botox in St Louis MO is considered a long-lasting but not permanent solution when it comes to lip correction. On average, injections can be expected to last about 3-6 months following treatment before reinjection is required to retain the achieved look. Patients who undergo Botox for the lips or any other part of the body should be well aware that Botox is a long-term treatment plan that must be maintained, and cost should always be considered within this approach. The team at the St. Louis Laser Lipo and Vein Center is always on hand to help patients decide on a financing or payment plan option that fits their budget comfortably.

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