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All About Large Volume Liposuction: Why You Shouldn’t Expect Large Weight Loss Results

If you are considering different methods to achieve a more contoured, smoother profile, you may be considering liposuction to achieve those goals. You may have also heard about “large volume liposuction” and may be wondering if this is a good choice.

What is Large Volume Liposuction?

Large volume liposuction is a term used to refer to liposuction surgery that removes in excess of 10 pounds of fat, and in some cases a larger amount. While this may seem to be a great solution for weight loss, it in fact is not.

While large volume liposuction may use the same procedure as body contouring procedures, the risks are far higher. When large amounts of fat are removed via liposuction, there can be dangerous fluid shifts within the body that occur with a drop in blood pressure. This can lead to dehydration and potential heart and kidney damage if not corrected.

Large volume liposuction is also considered far more invasive than a smaller liposuction procedure and will usually entail general anesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital. There is also a much longer recovery period with this type of procedure.

Additionally, while you may have lost some pounds through this procedure, the results may be minimal. You may not actually see or experience the results you expected.

Alternatives to Large Volume Liposuction

At Laser Lipo and Vein Center, we recommend that clients manage their expectations in a realistic manner, and we generally do not advise large volume liposuction procedures as a weight loss option. We urge our clients to embrace a healthy diet and exercise routine to lose the excess weight.

After reaching the stage where many people have attained their goal weight, many will still have pockets and deposits of fat that just will not respond to diet and exercise. This is the stage where body-contouring liposuction procedures are most effective in helping attain that sleeker, slimmer figure.

Through this method, patients have a higher rate of maintaining their weight because of the shift in lifestyle. And they are far more satisfied with the overall results of the liposuction procedure. And with the less invasive procedures, they will experience less downtime enabling them to return to their normal routines quickly.

If you are interested in weight loss programs that can help you attain your goals or you do just need some contouring of those stubborn fat deposits, please call us today to schedule a consultation.