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A Moisturizer May Be Harmful to Those with Sensitive Skin

Go to your nearest drug store and you will find aisles full of all the “best” moisturizers that claim to do wonders to your skin. Most of these moisturizers will make bold claims to get you to purchase their brand. However, moisturizers may not be as beneficial as you think they are, especially when you have sensitive skin. A Moisturizer has a variety of ingredients that can be harmful depending on your skin type.

What is Sensitive Skin?

When medical professionals refer to sensitive skin, they are referring to skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea, and even atopic dermatitis. Peter Elias, MD, at UC San Francisco reports that at least half of all Americans have some type of skin condition resulting in sensitive skin. Dr. Elias started his research on sensitive skin 45 years ago and has found out that many moisturizers and other skincare products on the market may actually be doing more harm than good. Topics for his research first began with patient complaints that their skin felt even dryer an hour after applying their expensive skincare product.

Our Skin, the Brick Wall

Our skin takes on the elements every single day, fighting UV rays and environmental toxins. Dr. Elias compares our skin to a brick wall thanks to how effective a barrier it is. The surface of our skin is made up of dead skin cells called corneocytes that are held together similar to bricks by a membrane sheath. This membrane is a combination of cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids that need to be present in equal amounts.

Brick Wall to Swiss Cheese

When applying moisturizers found at the store, our skin can be exposed to the wrong proportions of these chemicals, causing our skin to change its pH level. While our skin is naturally acidic to fight off infections, it needs a certain level to prevent a “Swiss cheese” effect that creates common skin conditions such as eczema. When shopping for your next moisturizer, make sure to do some research and see if it has been tested on sensitive skin, as most have not.

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