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5 Things You Don’t Know About Lipedema

Lipedema is a condition characterized by a disproportionate and abnormal amount of fat tissue typically found throughout the legs. Information about this serious condition is scarce but continues to grow every day. Some tips are harder to find than others. Here are five things you may not know about lipedema.

Often Misdiagnosed

Lipedema is unfortunately misdiagnosed at a high rate as individuals just being overweight or obese. Lipedema can also be easily misdiagnosed as lymphedema, which involves a considerable amount of swelling. When diagnosed correctly, lipedema is found to be a distinct condition that requires ongoing management of symptoms.
Typical Patients Often Appear Overweight on Their Lower Body
The abnormal accumulation of fat appears more prominently for typical patients of lipedema. However, these common symptoms may not be the case every time. Lipedema is a progressive condition with the symptoms worsening over time.

Accumulation of Fat is Symmetrical

The abnormal accumulation of fat will appear symmetrical for most patients of lipedema having both sides of your body affected equally. While there is no common pattern for the fat to accumulate, patients will at least see symmetrical distribution.

Abnormal and Painful Fat Tissue

Normal fat tissue typically does not feel painful around the accumulated areas; this is not the case for lipedema. The affected areas are usually very tender and can be easily bruised. These painful sensations are not caused by any apparent reason. While the fat tissue is painful, it will also feel less elastic than normal fat tissue.

The Cause of Lipedema is Still Unknown

With information on lipedema being so scarce, it is not surprising that the cause of lipedema is still unknown. Symptoms generally begin around puberty and are connected to hormonal changes. Since lipedema is tied to hormonal changes, it makes sense that it impacts primarily women and not men. Specific causes for each patient are not known, but current research is paving the way for additional information to be discovered.

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