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5 Reasons You Should Never Leave Varicose Veins Untreated

While varicose veins can be unattractive and sometimes very painful, there are many reasons that you should not ignore them. Varicose veins are usually found on the legs, and are large, twisted, bulging veins that appear just below the skin. They can also cause symptoms such as:

  • Itchy feeling around the veins
  • Burning, cramping, or throbbing in the legs
  • Achiness, heaviness, or tired feelings in the legs

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are the results of damaged valves within the veins. The valves are responsible for allowing and helping the blood flow through the veins. If they are damaged or become weak, the blood will eventually pool or back up and create varicose veins.

Why You Should Treat Varicose Veins


If you have seen or felt the symptoms of varicose veins, you should have them checked as they can be an indicator of more serious conditions. If left untreated, varicose veins may lead to serious issues such as ulcers and blood clots.

Ulcers and Bleeding – Varicose veins can cause open sores or ulcers, often near the ankles. These are caused by fluid buildup and are often preceded by discolored skin.

Blood Clots – Varicose veins can potentially cause blood clots, and depending upon the location of the clot, can be serious. There are two types of blood clot conditions:

  • Superficial Thrombophlebitis – This condition occurs when the clot forms in a vein located just below the skin’s surface. While not serious, it can cause redness, tenderness, and often pain and swelling.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis — This is a very serious condition, as the clot forms in a vein deep inside the body. If this clot should break free, it can travel to the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism which can be fatal.

If you are experiencing varicose veins or are susceptible to them, it is important to have them diagnosed and treated early.

Says Dr. Thomas Wright, medical director of the Laser Lipo and Vein Center, “Diagnosing and treating varicose veins is relatively easy. I understand that many think varicose veins are simply a cosmetic issue, however, they can lead to potentially serious conditions.”

If you are concerned about varicose veins, please call us today to schedule a consultation. We will discuss any risk factors you may have as well as do a complete exam to diagnose any potential vein conditions. We want to ensure the overall health of your veins and you!