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5 Reasons to Choose Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Over Breast Implants

One of the cosmetic procedures most commonly undergone by women across the world is breast enlargement. However, there are multiple methods your surgeon can use to achieve this effect, and some—such as fat transfer breast augmentation—are definitely better than others. Read on to learn more about why you should consider undergoing fat transfer instead of breast implants to get the results you desire.

It Gives Patients a More Natural Look

One of the stereotypical images associated with cosmetic surgery other than a “plastic” looking face is that of cartoonishly huge bosoms, and it definitely has a negative stigma. This type of look is often achieved using breast implants, and while the size of the implant is ultimately at the discretion of the patient, it’s all too easy to end up with fake-looking breasts. Depending on whether the implant is placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle, you may even be able to see the implant through the thinner parts of your skin.

Fat transfer breast augmentation in St. Louis, MO, meanwhile, enlarges the breasts while maintaining a natural aesthetic. It’s hard to make patients’ breasts appear overly large using fat transfer augmentation; the results are usually no more than a single cup size larger than your natural breasts.

It Takes Care of Multiple “Problem” Areas at Once

Fat transfer augmentation consists of taking your own fat from one area of your body and having it implanted into your breasts. With this method, you can have fat removed via liposuction from a body part you might be dissatisfied with, such as your legs, buttocks, or abdomen, while simultaneously improving the appearance and feel of your breasts.

It’s Safer Than Getting Implants

Since it’s your own fat that is being injected into your body, there’s much less of a chance of your body rejecting the substance than if you were to receive saline or silicone implant. Implants can also break or rupture, shift out of place, cause infection or scarring, harden breast tissue, and more. Breast implants also make it more difficult for women to undergo mammograms to detect breast cancer.  Finally there is rare form of cancer that is caused by breast implants called Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma,  ALCL, that is associated with breast implants.  The cancer appears to be more likely associated with textured breast implant although there have be a few cases reported worldwide with smooth breast implants.  Learn more

You Won’t Have as Many Scars as You Would with Implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation is performed primarily using injections of fat, rather than the various surgical incisions like breast implants require. In order to insert implants, surgeons often make incisions near the crease of the breast, near the armpit, around the lower edge of the areola, or in the navel—places that are prone to showing scarring, unless you have a highly-skilled surgeon performing the procedure. However, fat transfer augmentation does require the use of liposuction elsewhere on your body, so scarring is a risk for that portion of the procedure.

You Get What You Pay For

Implants have been on the market for longer, making them greatly reduced in price compared to previous decades. Fat transfer breast augmentation costs a bit more in general, but you’re also getting an enhancement that never needs to be removed, benefitting from cutting-edge technology designed to make a safer, more natural, and more effective procedure to meet your needs.

Laser Lipo and Veins – A Better Way to Be a Better You

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