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All About Neck Tite

All About Neck Tite

Most of us are not looking forward to getting older. The aches, the pains, the creaking joints and bones, and of course, the morning look in the mirror. We seem to take more time examining our lines and wrinkles, checking to see if new ones have appeared.

Fortunately, advances in medical treatments and technology offer more opportunities to help us look and feel younger. Historically, we had to either accept that aging stranger in the mirror or undergo painful and complicated surgeries that were high risk. Today, procedures such as the radio frequency skin tightening procedure: Neck Tite which allow us to regain our youthful appearance with a lowered risk for complications. No incisions, no stitches, and best of all, no general anesthesia!

What is Neck Tite?

Infographic about skin tightening and liposuction on the neck

Neck Tite is a Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RAFL) technique that is used to tighten, firm, and lift the skin around the neck and jowls. When you look in the mirror, do you see hound dog jowls and loose skin hanging from your neck like a turkey waddle? Liposuction on the neck can fix those areas, melting the offending fat, then tightening the loose skin, taking at least 10 years off your face.

More Delicate Than Most Liposuction Techniques

The tool used to perform the Neck Tite procedure is smaller and more delicate than other neck liposuction tools, designed to work on smaller, more sensitive areas of the body without causing damage to the surrounding areas. Minimally invasive, the neck liposuction procedure is performed without incisions and with use of a local anesthesia only, allowing for less complications and a much shorter recovery time. Due to swelling, the final results will take up to six weeks to be revealed, but you will notice a difference immediately. Designed to be used in the neck and jaw areas, a local anesthetic is used to keep discomfort to a minimum. Neck Tite is quick, easy, and is performed in a doctor’s office on an outpatient basis.

Safe and Trusted Procedure

The same technology used in medical treatments for over 75 years has been refined and improved to be used in radio frequency skin tightening, and Neck Tite and will have you looking younger in no time at all!

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